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The Best Luggage Brands for Travel

Luggage Brands

The Best Luggage Brands for Travel

Travelling has always been the ideal activity to escape from reality, troubles, work and a lot more. It enhances your thoughts and brings you back as a better person. But to travel the world with the feeling of accomplishment, you need the right ingredients for the journey. The kind of stuff that you carry needs to fit in the right bags that come from the right brands. These brands have made the right kind of products that are built for all types of journeys, and you can keep errors far away. So, to let things make sense, here are all the top brands that you need to try.


1. Samsonite

When it comes to travel, it is always good to choose from an expert. Samsonite is that brand that can come up with some quality under their products. Their tone of manufacturing produces bags that are lightweight and built, thus making it a perfect choice for going abroad. Most of the travellers have recommended this brand since they are unique in their own way. Things might take a turn when it comes to pricing, but you can be assured of value for money along the line.

2. Travelpro

Travelpro is no stranger to this industry, as their reputation speaks for itself. Their founders are the ones who invented the wheeled suitcase, so that paints the right picture about their products. Launching a line of products has made its brand high on demand and the Maxlite is also considered to be the best in line. With adequate space for all your stuff, Travelpro is like a traveller’s pet.

3. AmazonBasics

Seems like Amazon is one name that can create sales in all departments. When it comes to luggage, they have not missed their mark. AmazonBasics is their brand of travel bags that hit the note on quality and budget. The latter is the essential reason behind their demand, as people need not spend a huge amount on the same. They have also hit the mark in terms of comfort and people have started to call their brand as a reliable one.

4. Kenneth Cole

If you are also on the lookout for style and design apart from the usual requirements, then Kenneth Cole might surprise you. Their durable ABS hardshell exterior takes your travel needs and gives it the right dosage. They have been at the game for a long time, and people tend to have faith in the brand. By going for Kenneth, you are also opening the option for variety since they have a lot to offer. The suitcase can last for a long time, and the timeless design is another concept that clicks well.


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